Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A trip to Kampot Province - Exploring the food in Kampot

Going to Kampot Province mostly is for the food because the sea and the sand over there is not as beautiful as in Sihanoukville. But mostly Cambodian love going to Kampot Province and Kep to taste the fresh seafood, local dessert and many other dried products like shrimp, pepper, pickle garlic, Karchive (Appetizer for drinking beer).
Karchive (Appetizer for drinking beer)
Loads of pickle stuff :)

The sea that provides for Cambodians

Here is the fresh stingray just from the sea and waiting to go on charcoal for grilling.

For Horse Crab, we like to steam them. It is the best way to get true flavor from the crab. The best flavor you can get is the fresh crab from the sea and directly to the pot for steaming. The flavor is sweet and yummy. You can deep in with fish sauce with a few drop of lemon juice and it taste so great. You will be reminded of the flavor and can't wait to come to Kampot Province just for the steaming horse crab.

Pots after pots of steaming horse crab

Grill Sea Fish

Dessert time

Durian sold in Kampot 

Nom Sluek - only available in Kampot Province
This kind of waffle is also available in Kampot Province - four of the pieces have 4 different flavor like coconut, beans and I already forgot the other 2 flavor since it was under cooked that time. So I don't know the taste - Sorry :)

Kampot can be a get away place for the quiet time and also can be a great travel destination for special dessert and dishes that you cannot find anywhere else in the country.