Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cambodia Peking Duck or Roast Duck

Let's enjoy a quick gathering without prior time for preparation of food. The solution is go to market nearby like near Russian Market, Near Kandal Market or on Major Bouleveard in Cambodia from around 4pm you can find lots of food stand selling Peking Duck - home made and bring along those main road and near market. In those stand you will be able to enjoy various meat selection ranging from roast port, chicken to steam pork internal intestine and you can buy pork brain too. But pork brain is my least favorite

Like this picture, we have a surprise birthday and no one have prepared food except the cake. So a quick drive to the nearby Petchen Boulevard and here we go plenty of Peking Duck or Roast Duck.

Slower Slower - Share some for me

Peking Duck with Vegetables 
When you buy Peking Duck, usually they give you cucumber and its sauce or gravy. So, Deeping the Duck with those sauce is the correct way of having Peking Duck.

Let's enjoy and stay tune for more duck related food in Cambodia and Street Food related with Duck.