Sunday, September 16, 2012

Steak at New York Steak House

Yesterday (15 September 2012) we tried the new restaurant called "New York Steakhouse" located along street 63 near the Cambodia Senate. The parking space is quite good. When you enter the restaurant the experience is quite different from other steak house. In here they display the meat, scale and the overall decoration is dark red with lots of picture of movie star from the oldies.

There is a hostess greeting us and send us to the table. Once you been seated - they brought you the menu and firstly they asked us if we would like any water or drinks first and they gave us an ipad which is the drink menu - quite a unique menu. But unfortunately we did not order any drink or wine. Just water.

They also brought us the appetizer which is the garlic bread with the saute garlic and fois gras to enjoy with the bread 2 set for each person and when you ran out of the appetizer they brought you some more.
Appetizer at New York Steak House - Garlic Bread with Fois Gras and Saute Garlic

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nacho from BBQ Chicken Sorya Shopping Center

This Nacho is just the corn chips with a sprinkle of tomatoes chopped and generous dash of mayo.
Nacho from BBQ Chicken - Nacho Cambodia

Nacho from BBQ Chicken - Nacho in Cambodia

What exactly is Nacho? where is it originated from? Stay tune for our next posts about Nacho.