Monday, July 16, 2012

Enjoy Octoberfest at Tell Restaurant

Tell Restaurant is a german Restaurant famous for its Roasted Pig Leg (October Fest), Cheese Fondu and many other. Today let's try October Fest.

One word to describe is Simply yummy :) While reviewing and updating this blog - make me crave for more.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Khmer Food Village

The atmosphere at Khmer Food Village situated on the compound of Dream Land is great - Different from a typical restaurant. Once I've thought of this kind of setting for a restaurant as well and glad to be able to see that in reality.
One View in Khmer Food Village

Circling around the food counter - I can see many kind of food offered there by area - Area for dessert, Fried, Grill and all are mostly Khmer Cuisine.

But in all not much of the food there that catch my eyes.
Here are some of the dishes me - my husband and my daughter have tried.

Kampot Noodle 
Firstly you need to add the coconut cream into the bowl

Kampot Noodle
Then you need to add the fish sauce with crush peanut into the dish and mix together
  The dish taste a little bit sweet and the overall ingredients are fresh noodle, mince carrot - salad - mince cucumber and if you like hot - then you can add chili into your dish. It is a great afternoon snack not best for dinner. 

Num Cheng Chrouk
Typical Khmer snack usually can be found in most of the market every morning. Oily but nice. If you hardly go to the market then this Num is the special treat for you.
Khmer Snail with fresh salad
Snail Salad sweet and sour - Refreshing and a good starter before other dishes. 

Sweet and Sour Pork

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some of the dishes from Metro

Cafe Metro is known for its food creativity and surely the taste is also as nice as the look. Try out.
Below are a few dishes that I've ordered. The Pasta is fresh and the seafood is sweet and the vegetable surely match together with the overall food.  

Seafood Pasta

Beef Lok Lak Rice
The Beef Lok Lak Rice is quite expensive than other local restaurant but the wholesome of this dish is everything - Rice - Egg - Pepper Sauce - and the beef. Yummy.

Beef Lok Lak Rice