Monday, January 30, 2012

Seafood Grill in Central Market - Cambodia

If you have been to Cambodia - A destination you should not miss is the Central Market which is located in the center of Phnom Penh Phnom. Central Market or Psar Thmei is a "must-see" for tourists to Cambodia's capital, furthermore it is also an important economic hub for business transaction for Cambodian People.

Central Market Before Renovation
In the market you can find many things ranging from fresh flowers to clothes, souvernir to fresh vegetable and cooked food. You can find loads on grilled seafood in Central Market too from the afternoon time.

Central Market or Phsar Thmei after the Renovation
Some of the grilled Seafood you can find in Central Market are: Shrimp, Fish, Sting ray, small octopus, large octopus and you can also buy river lobster there as well.

Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood Fried Rice

My favorite fried rice - this large plate of seafood fried rice cost only 3.75 USD only. You can have this with Koh Kong Sauce (Spicy one), oh you will finish this plate in no time:) yummy yummy

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fresh Oyster - Simple Cuisine

Oyster with fried garlic
A few types of vegetable locally grown in Cambodia and some herbs.
To eat together with oysters.
Koh Kong Sauce to eat with oyster.
Too spicy
I am not a fan of oyster, but most men loves oyster including my hubby. You can find fresh oyster in most of the beer garden in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and other provinces. The place we like to go for fresh oyster are Sovann Beer Garden and SONYVID Beer Garden in Phnom Penh. You can ask for smaller or bigger or the biggest, they have all types of oysters.

Spicy Grill Crab and non Spicy Crab

SONYVID is the name of a Beer Garden Restaurant serving only fresh seafood and beers. Today I've tried Grill crab rubbed with spicy sauce and the other one just cook fresh without any spicy sauce. It takes quite a while to be able to eat this dish, so I would recommend the earliest possible when you enter into the restaurant  - but it worth the wait.

Grill Crab with spicy sauce - plenty of chilli from Sihanoukville too
The fresh crab - when you open you can see and feel the meat of the crab and the taste is so nice when you have them with those sauce.
Different cooking style of Shrimp from Kampong Som - Sihanoukville Cambodia

You can find loads of fresh shrimp in Cambodia not only in Sihanoukville and Kampot Province but those good quality shrimp also delivered to Phnom Penh daily. You can find various size of shrimp ranging from small size to bigger size and larger size. Fresh shrimp from Cambodia is so sweet when u lightly steam with coconut and out from the po- when you eat - It tastes so yummy - I would recommend for everyone.

Steam Shrimp with vegetable
Here is another way of cooking shrimp. You can grill the shrimp on charcoal. It tastes great simply with fish sauce and a little bit of lemon juice.
Grill shrimp - you can buy from Central Market in Cambodia
My favorite style of cooking shrimp is deep fried with minced garlic. The garlic should be lightly fry and you can eat together with the shrimp. It tastes great. Once you have tried, you asked for more later :)
Deep Fry minced garlic with shrimp 
Here is the picture of shrimp deep with Koh Kong sauce. You are advised to have a few bottle of water or beer next to you when you deep your shrimp with this Koh Kong Sauce because it is very spicy.
Shrimp deep in the Koh Kong Sauce.
You can have the one that is spicy or non spicy as you required

Appetizer in a typical restaurant or Beer Garden in Cambodia

Typical Appetizer in a Beer Garden in Cambodia - Cambodia Restaurants

I'll update you some more on different appetizers offered by various kind of restaurants in Cambodia like Chinese Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, Beer Garden, and other Western Restaurants.

Normally Cambodian people prefer to go to beer garden for drinking beer like Cambodia Beer, Kingdom Beer, Anchor Beer, Angkor Beer and other imported beer. Some prefer to go to Karaoke for singing afterward.

Fry peanut with salt and pickle green cabbage.

Egg Omelette with Saom (Khmer Vegetable with no Chemical)

Saom (Khmer Vegetable known to be smelly and cure desease)

Lunch at Brown Cafe 2 in Phnom Penh - Cambodia

This afternoon my lunch with my daughter and my husband was Spaghetti and 2 salads. My daughter's favorite Spaghetti is Bolognese. Here are the  picture of today's lunch at Brown Cafe in Cambodia.
They springle awesome amount of shredded cheese on top of the spaghetti  and that's why we love to go there. So yummy.
Talk about the salad, the salad is the Mediteranian salad with grilled chicken and the sauce is savory and sweet and well balance together withtomatoes and various type of salad and there are a few cubes of feta cheese as well :)

Apaghetti Bolognese in Cambodia 

Mediterranian Salad

Mediterranian Salad in Brown Restaurant in Cambodia