Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blood Clam Salad

Slightly boiled blood clam mix with young mango and a little dash of slice tomato. 

Blood Clam Salad

This is half kg of blood clam mix with young mango, long beans and slice tomato. This dish goes well with a few bottle of cold beer and some fried peanuts. 

Nice one.

Tamarind Sauce fry with Sea Shell Thai Style

This is my second time at Mama restaurant on street 51 in Boeung Keng Kang Block. The server introduce us with their famous dish "They mentioned" called Tamarind sauce fried with sea shell Thai Style. It is very flavorful and just the mentioned of the name of the dish make my mouth water want to have more of it. The dish cost 6 USD. The ingredients of this one are the sea shell, tamarind, garlic sugar, fish sauce, salt and msg.

Tamarind sauce fried with sea shell Thai Style

So if you are at mama restaurant I would like to recommend that you try this dish. Yum Yum.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breakfast at Coca Restaurant

Today my daughter decided to have breakfast at Coca Restaurant and here are the food we ordered:
Pork Meat ball without soup for myself

Normal Noodle for my daughter
Beef Lok Lak for my husband

As usual the place is packed with people and hardly to find seats. Why because unlike other place Coca restaurant offer different and unique kind of breakfast such as abalone noodle, seashell noodle, soft shell crab noodle and much more. For what I have order is nothing special because i went there for Soft Shell Crab but  it ran out already so I have to take the pork meatball soup instead. 

For the my noodle and the normal noodle the taste and overall portion is ok but for the Beef Lok Lak is not good because there is no consistency in cooking this Beef Lok Lak.

In all it is a ok beakfast

Friday, November 16, 2012

Curry Crab at a ន ស ២ រ

Just back from the  ន ស ២ រ restaurant located near Toul Tum Poung High School. 
This plate of crab cost only 9,000 Riel which equal to around 2.5$, you know why this is so affordable? Guess what these are the baby crabs :)
The taste of this dish is nice not so strong and you can eat all with the shell and it fry with the spring onions and eggs.  

This dish does not required any special suace for dipping but if you want to eat more you need pepper salt lemon sauce to boost your appetite. In all I would recommend for a gathering there with friends as the decor and over all design is very modern and welcoming.

Let see each other there sometime.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Egg Rancheros

My husband's breakfast is Egg Rancheros, they served with gril baguette on top of fried onion, green peas, tomatoes peel with Poach egg, cheddar cheese and fried potatoes. The dish is very salty indeed.

Spanish omelete with home made apple jam

Today, my family start the morning with a trip to Brown Cafe for the breakfast there and me I have ordered the "Spanish Omelete with home made apple  jam" the ingredients of this dish is made of egg, onion, potatoes and home made apple jam. The dish is quite blant and you need to sprangle some salt.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Steak at New York Steak House

Yesterday (15 September 2012) we tried the new restaurant called "New York Steakhouse" located along street 63 near the Cambodia Senate. The parking space is quite good. When you enter the restaurant the experience is quite different from other steak house. In here they display the meat, scale and the overall decoration is dark red with lots of picture of movie star from the oldies.

There is a hostess greeting us and send us to the table. Once you been seated - they brought you the menu and firstly they asked us if we would like any water or drinks first and they gave us an ipad which is the drink menu - quite a unique menu. But unfortunately we did not order any drink or wine. Just water.

They also brought us the appetizer which is the garlic bread with the saute garlic and fois gras to enjoy with the bread 2 set for each person and when you ran out of the appetizer they brought you some more.
Appetizer at New York Steak House - Garlic Bread with Fois Gras and Saute Garlic

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nacho from BBQ Chicken Sorya Shopping Center

This Nacho is just the corn chips with a sprinkle of tomatoes chopped and generous dash of mayo.
Nacho from BBQ Chicken - Nacho Cambodia

Nacho from BBQ Chicken - Nacho in Cambodia

What exactly is Nacho? where is it originated from? Stay tune for our next posts about Nacho.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Other Dishes at Tell Restaurant

They have pizza - Salad - Soup dish and many other dishes. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Enjoy Octoberfest at Tell Restaurant

Tell Restaurant is a german Restaurant famous for its Roasted Pig Leg (October Fest), Cheese Fondu and many other. Today let's try October Fest.

One word to describe is Simply yummy :) While reviewing and updating this blog - make me crave for more.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Khmer Food Village

The atmosphere at Khmer Food Village situated on the compound of Dream Land is great - Different from a typical restaurant. Once I've thought of this kind of setting for a restaurant as well and glad to be able to see that in reality.
One View in Khmer Food Village

Circling around the food counter - I can see many kind of food offered there by area - Area for dessert, Fried, Grill and all are mostly Khmer Cuisine.

But in all not much of the food there that catch my eyes.
Here are some of the dishes me - my husband and my daughter have tried.

Kampot Noodle 
Firstly you need to add the coconut cream into the bowl

Kampot Noodle
Then you need to add the fish sauce with crush peanut into the dish and mix together
  The dish taste a little bit sweet and the overall ingredients are fresh noodle, mince carrot - salad - mince cucumber and if you like hot - then you can add chili into your dish. It is a great afternoon snack not best for dinner. 

Num Cheng Chrouk
Typical Khmer snack usually can be found in most of the market every morning. Oily but nice. If you hardly go to the market then this Num is the special treat for you.
Khmer Snail with fresh salad
Snail Salad sweet and sour - Refreshing and a good starter before other dishes. 

Sweet and Sour Pork

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some of the dishes from Metro

Cafe Metro is known for its food creativity and surely the taste is also as nice as the look. Try out.
Below are a few dishes that I've ordered. The Pasta is fresh and the seafood is sweet and the vegetable surely match together with the overall food.  

Seafood Pasta

Beef Lok Lak Rice
The Beef Lok Lak Rice is quite expensive than other local restaurant but the wholesome of this dish is everything - Rice - Egg - Pepper Sauce - and the beef. Yummy.

Beef Lok Lak Rice

Saturday, June 30, 2012

BBQ Chicken - New Menu - Honey Bee Chicken

This is the new menu from BBQ Chicken - Honey Bee Chicken. This consist of various parts of chicken including some drum stick cut into 3 pcs and some part are the chicken breast and some part from the chicken wings.

Honey Bee Chicken from BBQ Chicken

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lasagna Port from Pizza Company - My daughter's favorite

Pork Lasagna from The Pizza Company - Cambodia
Just from the Oven 

Pork Lasagna from The Pizza Company - Cambodia
Just from the Oven

Hot Drum from BBQ Chicken

For anyone who like spicy food ought to try out this Hot Drum at BBQ Chicken. Definitely no disappointment. The chicken is moist and tender and the spicy sauce really boost your appetite, When you feel hot in your mouth - the Radish pickle help reduce the heat and you can finish this big 3 hot drum just yourself :)

BBQ Chicken - A Korean Fast Food Franchise in Cambodia
Crispy Hot Drum with Pickle Radish
 This is the 3rd attempt to go to BBQ chicken. It always ran out when you go the outlet a little bit late in the evening. So to try this you should be a little bit early. There are 3 branches you can go: The BBQ Chicken in Diamond Island (Koh Pich), Sorya Shopping Center and on BBQ Chicken in Kampuchea Krom Boulevard.
BBQ Chicken - A Korean Fast Food Franchise in Cambodia
Crispy Hot Drum with Pickle Radish

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Food Ingredients - Tropical Food Ingredients

Pumpkin Flower - Usually used as food ingredients for traditional

One Kind of Greens - usually used in traditional Khmer Food like Kor Ko....

Khmer mushroom - organically grown in Cambodia
Best for various kind of cuisine

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seafood Platter at Fish & Co

The Fish & Co. just recently opened in Cambodia and located on the riverside.
Today, our family decided to try something new and we chose to go to Fish & Co. for lunch. The overall atmosphere is a little quiet and the server seem to be not very knowledgeable about the dishes. Fish & Co. has children menu priced at 4.99 usd and my daughter ordered fish and chips and loved thw chips which is french fries - she said it tastes great. The fish and chips served in a casserole above the fish shaped wooden panel. Quite a different experienced.

Fish and chips for kids

For me and my husband, we have ordered Seafood platter for two and it really is for 2. Order Seafood platter come with free 2 drinks, 2 tiny desserts Chocolate mousse and vanilla mousse and a casserole or a pot of seafood which includes some shrimp, indian rice, octopus griiled, clamps and grilled fish oh and there are some french fries as well.

The clams wa cooked in cream sauce and it is not for everyday eating. The octopus was slightly grilled with a spread of pepper. For the shrimps, i think they have steam them and the taste is quite bland. In overall recommendation, I would say 7 out of ten.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prahok Katis

Prahok Katis is a famous Cambodian dishes that usually cooked during important days because to make this dishes it required quite a lot of ingredients and effort. I have a chance to try this dishes a few time at home.

Prahok Katis with vegetable to eat with

The taste of this food is sweet and salty and some of the ingredients are: Prahok, mince pork, oil, herbs, garlic and some others

Prahok Katis
Usually a dash of lemon juice on this dish, will make this dish a lot more yummy.

Coconut in Cambodia

Kampot is famous for its coconut due to the sweetness of the water. On the way to Kampot Province, you can find lots of families along the National Road selling coconuts. They even wholesale to Phnom Penh. So if you are in Phnom Penh, if you intend to buy coconut, you always ask the seller that "Where is this coconut from ?" If they say from Kampot - then It is ok to buy. The price of coconut is usually range from 1,500 Riel to 2.500 Riel (0.5 USD).

Coconut Tree in Kampot Province

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sugar Cane Juice from Juicer

In Cambodia, you can this sort of juicer everywhere especially places near schools, markets and near entertainment areas. 

Sugar Cane Juicer

Ice Cream at Swensen Ice-Cream Parlor

Roack@Heart Ice Cream with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Balls
Waffle Ice Cream

Mini Burgers at T-Bone Steak House

Steak house may not sound good for a place to bring your children to because there might not be good food for your kids but think again when u planning to go to T-Bone Steak House. This restaurant has menu specially designed for kids and even video game area for your child to play and coloring and other games to explore their creativity while the parents enjoy a good meal.

Mini Beef Burger, French Fries and a dash of Tomatoes Ketchup

This is usually the menu I have ordered for my daughter and extra mash potatoes. The burger beef here is quite thick and you can request to cook the meat to well done, medium or medium rare as you preferred. The melted cheese on top goes well with the juicy beef. In overall the taste is great.
Mashed Potatoes
I love the mashed potatoes at T-Bone Steak House. It melt in your mouth and the flavor is also mild. Goes well with burgers and Steak.

Enjoy this food at T-Bone Steak House in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steak at T-Bone Steak House on Monivong Boulevard

In T-Bone Steak house, you can find various dishes usually of beef as the main ingredients. Today, I have ordered a steak made in New Zealand and usually I asked for medium well done.

Steak at T-Bone Steak House
The Steak is soft and tender and juicy with the fried vegetables such as carrots, long beans and zukini as the side dishes. You can also requested for many other side dishes such as fried rice, mash potatoes, baked potatoes, saute mushroom with garlic and others. For the suace you can select one flavor out of a couples of available sauce such as: Black pepper suace, mushroom suace, BBQ Sauce, Garlic Cheese Sauce, Blue Cheese Sauce and that's all as I remembered.

My Favorite Sauce is Pepper Sauce or Black Garlic Sauce. But usually we order extra couple of flavor. Each extra Suace cost 0.5 USD.

Tex-Mex Burger at T-Bone Steak House
This burger is very nice - so juicy and they added pickle bell pepper and fresh vegetables like tomatoes and onions and Salads. Don't miss understood, this burger is for my husband not me alone can finish both the Steak and burgers :)

I Love the french fries of this burger, crispy and lovely.

Steam Oysters

Steam Oysters with Garlic and mix vegetable
The same plate but different angles

Grilled Oysters with Garlic in a Beer Garden in Cambodia

Grilled Oysters with Garlic

Grilled Chicken Wings at Mondulkirri Restaurant

Mondulkirri Restaurant is famous for its chicken wings and papaya salad. The chicken is tender and sweet together with saltiness. This chicken goes very well with its suace and the papaya salad.

Grilled Chicken Wings near Independent Monuments
Closer look at the chicken

The restauran is clean and the service is medium - the food is nice.In overall - you should try.