Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coconut in Cambodia

Kampot is famous for its coconut due to the sweetness of the water. On the way to Kampot Province, you can find lots of families along the National Road selling coconuts. They even wholesale to Phnom Penh. So if you are in Phnom Penh, if you intend to buy coconut, you always ask the seller that "Where is this coconut from ?" If they say from Kampot - then It is ok to buy. The price of coconut is usually range from 1,500 Riel to 2.500 Riel (0.5 USD).

Coconut Tree in Kampot Province

There are other type of coconut such as:
  • Scented Coconut - mostly available on the National Road to Sihanouk Ville (the price is more expensive than the normal one). This scented coconut smell great and the water always sweet.
  • Smaller Coconut (Dong Teuk Ke): Coconut in Khmer we called "Dong",  Coconut Water, we called "Teuk Dong"

I have been to Kampot and have a chance to take this photo and have people to cut this coconut down to taste its water and the fresh flesh of coconut.

Coconut Tree

Open up the coconut by big knife
In Phnom Penh, usually peel out the skin and put on display as below. It is easier for customers who pass by to purchase immediately and it is easy for packing and carrying.

Enjoy the Coconut.