Thursday, February 16, 2012

Steak at T-Bone Steak House on Monivong Boulevard

In T-Bone Steak house, you can find various dishes usually of beef as the main ingredients. Today, I have ordered a steak made in New Zealand and usually I asked for medium well done.

Steak at T-Bone Steak House
The Steak is soft and tender and juicy with the fried vegetables such as carrots, long beans and zukini as the side dishes. You can also requested for many other side dishes such as fried rice, mash potatoes, baked potatoes, saute mushroom with garlic and others. For the suace you can select one flavor out of a couples of available sauce such as: Black pepper suace, mushroom suace, BBQ Sauce, Garlic Cheese Sauce, Blue Cheese Sauce and that's all as I remembered.

My Favorite Sauce is Pepper Sauce or Black Garlic Sauce. But usually we order extra couple of flavor. Each extra Suace cost 0.5 USD.

Tex-Mex Burger at T-Bone Steak House
This burger is very nice - so juicy and they added pickle bell pepper and fresh vegetables like tomatoes and onions and Salads. Don't miss understood, this burger is for my husband not me alone can finish both the Steak and burgers :)

I Love the french fries of this burger, crispy and lovely.