Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mini Burgers at T-Bone Steak House

Steak house may not sound good for a place to bring your children to because there might not be good food for your kids but think again when u planning to go to T-Bone Steak House. This restaurant has menu specially designed for kids and even video game area for your child to play and coloring and other games to explore their creativity while the parents enjoy a good meal.

Mini Beef Burger, French Fries and a dash of Tomatoes Ketchup

This is usually the menu I have ordered for my daughter and extra mash potatoes. The burger beef here is quite thick and you can request to cook the meat to well done, medium or medium rare as you preferred. The melted cheese on top goes well with the juicy beef. In overall the taste is great.
Mashed Potatoes
I love the mashed potatoes at T-Bone Steak House. It melt in your mouth and the flavor is also mild. Goes well with burgers and Steak.

Enjoy this food at T-Bone Steak House in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.