Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blood Clam Salad

Slightly boiled blood clam mix with young mango and a little dash of slice tomato. 

Blood Clam Salad

This is half kg of blood clam mix with young mango, long beans and slice tomato. This dish goes well with a few bottle of cold beer and some fried peanuts. 

Nice one.

Tamarind Sauce fry with Sea Shell Thai Style

This is my second time at Mama restaurant on street 51 in Boeung Keng Kang Block. The server introduce us with their famous dish "They mentioned" called Tamarind sauce fried with sea shell Thai Style. It is very flavorful and just the mentioned of the name of the dish make my mouth water want to have more of it. The dish cost 6 USD. The ingredients of this one are the sea shell, tamarind, garlic sugar, fish sauce, salt and msg.

Tamarind sauce fried with sea shell Thai Style

So if you are at mama restaurant I would like to recommend that you try this dish. Yum Yum.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breakfast at Coca Restaurant

Today my daughter decided to have breakfast at Coca Restaurant and here are the food we ordered:
Pork Meat ball without soup for myself

Normal Noodle for my daughter
Beef Lok Lak for my husband

As usual the place is packed with people and hardly to find seats. Why because unlike other place Coca restaurant offer different and unique kind of breakfast such as abalone noodle, seashell noodle, soft shell crab noodle and much more. For what I have order is nothing special because i went there for Soft Shell Crab but  it ran out already so I have to take the pork meatball soup instead. 

For the my noodle and the normal noodle the taste and overall portion is ok but for the Beef Lok Lak is not good because there is no consistency in cooking this Beef Lok Lak.

In all it is a ok beakfast

Friday, November 16, 2012

Curry Crab at a ន ស ២ រ

Just back from the  ន ស ២ រ restaurant located near Toul Tum Poung High School. 
This plate of crab cost only 9,000 Riel which equal to around 2.5$, you know why this is so affordable? Guess what these are the baby crabs :)
The taste of this dish is nice not so strong and you can eat all with the shell and it fry with the spring onions and eggs.  

This dish does not required any special suace for dipping but if you want to eat more you need pepper salt lemon sauce to boost your appetite. In all I would recommend for a gathering there with friends as the decor and over all design is very modern and welcoming.

Let see each other there sometime.