Friday, November 16, 2012

Curry Crab at a ន ស ២ រ

Just back from the  ន ស ២ រ restaurant located near Toul Tum Poung High School. 
This plate of crab cost only 9,000 Riel which equal to around 2.5$, you know why this is so affordable? Guess what these are the baby crabs :)
The taste of this dish is nice not so strong and you can eat all with the shell and it fry with the spring onions and eggs.  

This dish does not required any special suace for dipping but if you want to eat more you need pepper salt lemon sauce to boost your appetite. In all I would recommend for a gathering there with friends as the decor and over all design is very modern and welcoming.

Let see each other there sometime.