Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Korean Food in Cambodia

Today let us drop by Chan Sou Chun, a Korean Restaurant located new Toul Tum Poung Pagoda. My favorite dish over there is Kimchi Hotpot and Grill Pork Ribs. The hotpot is mild spicy and there are seafood, vegetable, tofu and fermented Kimchi, Zukini, rice ball, pork and bean sprout. Wow, writing about this dish make my mouth watering :)

Definitely a thumb's up for this great dish with good price and I would recommend you to try this once. 

Kimchi Hotpot in Cambodia

Below are their compliments dish whether you order the food or not. 
Kimchi in Cambodia

Sea Grass
Tofu with Kimchi Paste

Pickle Radish with Kimchi Sauce

The side dishes

There are plenty of other side dishes wich change from day to day and almost 15 compliments dish.
Check out this welcoming restaurant :) It is located near Toul Toum Poung Pagoda - in Boeung Trabek Districk, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.