Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seafood Platter at Fish & Co

The Fish & Co. just recently opened in Cambodia and located on the riverside.
Today, our family decided to try something new and we chose to go to Fish & Co. for lunch. The overall atmosphere is a little quiet and the server seem to be not very knowledgeable about the dishes. Fish & Co. has children menu priced at 4.99 usd and my daughter ordered fish and chips and loved thw chips which is french fries - she said it tastes great. The fish and chips served in a casserole above the fish shaped wooden panel. Quite a different experienced.

Fish and chips for kids

For me and my husband, we have ordered Seafood platter for two and it really is for 2. Order Seafood platter come with free 2 drinks, 2 tiny desserts Chocolate mousse and vanilla mousse and a casserole or a pot of seafood which includes some shrimp, indian rice, octopus griiled, clamps and grilled fish oh and there are some french fries as well.

The clams wa cooked in cream sauce and it is not for everyday eating. The octopus was slightly grilled with a spread of pepper. For the shrimps, i think they have steam them and the taste is quite bland. In overall recommendation, I would say 7 out of ten.