Sunday, January 29, 2012

Egg Omelette with Saom (Khmer Vegetable with no Chemical)

Saom (Khmer Vegetable known to be smelly and cure desease)

Mashed eggs both white and yellow and mix together with salt, sugar and msg

Now it is mixing time - you see some chillies there? Just
extra punch to the taste

Pouring the mixed egg and vegetable onto the hot oily frying pan.

Now it is ready for serving :). Let's enjoy this healthy omelette together.
This type of food is frequent almost daily in Cambodian diet. Every house usually like to cook this food because the eggs are cheaply available and Saom (Khmer Vegetable) is also cheaply available in Cambodia Market or Modern shop like in Lucky Super Market, Bayon Super Market, Thai Hout Super Market and other marts that sell non chemical vegetables.