Sunday, January 29, 2012

Different cooking style of Shrimp from Kampong Som - Sihanoukville Cambodia

You can find loads of fresh shrimp in Cambodia not only in Sihanoukville and Kampot Province but those good quality shrimp also delivered to Phnom Penh daily. You can find various size of shrimp ranging from small size to bigger size and larger size. Fresh shrimp from Cambodia is so sweet when u lightly steam with coconut and out from the po- when you eat - It tastes so yummy - I would recommend for everyone.

Steam Shrimp with vegetable
Here is another way of cooking shrimp. You can grill the shrimp on charcoal. It tastes great simply with fish sauce and a little bit of lemon juice.
Grill shrimp - you can buy from Central Market in Cambodia
My favorite style of cooking shrimp is deep fried with minced garlic. The garlic should be lightly fry and you can eat together with the shrimp. It tastes great. Once you have tried, you asked for more later :)
Deep Fry minced garlic with shrimp 
Here is the picture of shrimp deep with Koh Kong sauce. You are advised to have a few bottle of water or beer next to you when you deep your shrimp with this Koh Kong Sauce because it is very spicy.
Shrimp deep in the Koh Kong Sauce.
You can have the one that is spicy or non spicy as you required